In addition to the laws affecting every business entity, pharmacists and drug wholesalers are subject to complex regulations and licensing requirements. We assist our clients in navigating applicable regulations and taking a proactive approach to keeping the corporate house in order and licenses intact. G. Redmond Michaels, P.C. has represented clients in the western United States in various state and federal agency actions. Our practice focuses on government and civil actions, as we do not practice criminal defense. G. Redmond Michaels, P.C. understands the consequences that pharmacists and drug wholesalers may face for even minor violations of state and federal regulations. We have successfully settled claims with the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”), Federal Drug Administration (“FDA”), and multiple state agencies.

Practice Areas
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Compliance, protocols, and policies review; state and federal regulations; violation analysis, advice, and remediation
  • Pharmacy and Drug Wholesale Regulation: DEA complaints and investigations; state administrative complaints and investigation; license application and restoration and change of use permitting
  • Pharmacy and Drug Wholesale Litigation: court and administrative law proceedings; show-cause orders; permit denials; administrative copmplaints; for more information, see our Litigation page
  • Business Formation and Structure: Joint ventures and strategic alliances; limited liability companies; for-profit corporations; non-profit corporations; reformation and reorganizations; corporate governance; business/corporate advisory; small business development; for more information, see or Business Law page
  • Employment Law: Employee and contractor agreements; director agreements; employee and contractor recruitment advice; non-disclosure and non-compete agreements; employment termination counseling