As our economy undergoes globalization and change, so too does the practice of law. In the last fifty years, the practice of law has undergone necessary change with the advent of specialization. No longer is any one lawyer proficient in all areas of the law. Lawyers, like doctors, range from general practitioners to specialists. General practitioners are proficient in the “forest,” while specialists know the individual “trees.” Sometimes the best advice your lawyer can provide is the name of a specialist to assist on a certain matter.

Today, only the largest of firms are able to represent themselves as all-inclusive law firms. Unfortunately, many of these firms are forced to charge exorbitant rates and are unable to provide the personal attention desired by most clients. GRMPC is striving to bridge that gap by providing specialized service in a personalized manner. The key to providing excellent and efficient low-cost legal services is maintaining an effective network of independent specialists in a variety of areas.

GRMPC has worked feverishly to build a network of reliable specialists (attorneys, accountants, business consultants, financial planners, accountants, and other experts) in a variety of areas from business, to litigation, to individual services. GRMPC maintains contacts with specialists in twelve Western States from California to Texas. The firm regularly contracts and coordinates with these specialists culminating in well-prepared, cost-effective, and efficient representation. Past clients indicate that this “network coordination” approach has been highly effective in meeting their goals and objectives.

Building A Regional Practice
At GRMPC, one of our goals in the coming years is to expand the geographic scope of our practice into many national and international regions. In many industries, it is necessary to bring your services to the client and the law is no exception. Clients must have easy access to legal counsel. Unfortunately, telephone, fax, and e-mail only go so far. Therefore, GRMPC endeavors to establish a number of satellite offices in neighboring states and engage in strategic alliances with well-respected firms to expand our services geographically.
Currently, Mr. Michaels is licensed to practice in Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, and New Mexico. GRMPC is active with client projects in six western states. As the firm expands, new attorneys will be encouraged to obtain licenses in additional states.