Boulder Gus Michaels

Regardless of the nature of the dispute, business to be built, or endeavor to be accomplished, G. Redmond Michaels, P.C. (“GRMPC”) believes that your lawyer must be a trusted and reliable partner, confident, and counselor throughout the entire process. GRMPC provides the best representation possible by thoroughly understanding our clients’ goals and objectives. We consider ourselves important members of your team, working hard to resolve problems and accomplish goals.

Working Philosophy And End Goal
GRMPC departs from the antiquated mentality of large firms in favor of a new approach to practicing law encompassing four underlying goals: First, providing superior legal and business services to our clients at a reasonable cost. Second, providing personalized service, which not only meets our clients’ legal needs, but their business, financial, and personal needs as well.
Third, providing a dynamic working environment where attorney and staff alike enhance their quality of life, meet their professional goals, and partner with our clients in an upbeat and enjoyable atmosphere. And finally, building a regional practice that allows GRMPC to assist our clients throughout Colorado and in a number of states as they participate in today’s economy.

A Pledge To Strengthen Our Service Year After Year
GRMPC will constantly work to maintain and enhance our quality of service. Each day we strive to improve service components such as: responsiveness, timeliness, communication with clients, and knowledge of the current business climate and cutting edge legal issues – all of which are essential in providing top-quality service.
In an ongoing effort to provide the best service possible, GRMPC regularly surveys our clients to determine what we are doing right and what areas could use improvement. Client feedback is essential to ensure that we understand out clients and effectively address their preferences, expectations, and objectives.

Service To Our Community
GRMPC is committed to strengthening our community through a variety of public service activities. We expect and encourage out attorneys and staff to contribute their time to our profession and community; however, the firm does not dictate the nature of that contribution. GRMPC is active in a number of political affairs, both local and regional. And, the firm continually assists the underrepresented and disadvantaged in meeting our pro bono obligations.